The values relative to the postage are added to the total amount of the purchase, as shipping cost. All items are sent, through a delivery service to the registration address, with a transit time of less than 24 hours. The customer must be present to sign the shipment on the first delivery attempt, or the below mentioned DOA Guarantee may be voided. 

Shipping Costs

Shipping to European Union countries is available at  39.9€, and includes handling and packaging costs. Purchases over 200€ have free shipping costs for most European countries, except Portugal and Spain. Shipping to mainland Portugal is 10€ and for mainland Spain is € 14 and purchases over 100€ have free shipping costs for these countries. It is not possible to guarantee shipments in less than 24 hours for the Islands of Portugal and Spain, or other remote places. If you live on those areas and still may wish to order please contact us by email.

DoA Guarantee ("Dead on Arrival")

We guarantee that all our coral come alive. If, for any reason, a coral does not arrive alive, you should immediately contact us by email, with detailed photos of the coral. If no one is present at the attempt to deliver the order, and it is delivered with more than 24 hours of traffic, this DoA warranty will be void.

If, in our opinion, a coral is considered a DOA or defective following the transportation, a credit will be granted to your account in the amount of that item.

Delivery Day 

After you place your order, you can indicate the preferred delivery day by filling in "Additional Information" during the checkout process or via email. We usually ship corals on Tuesday. We can book your order for the delivery date that suits you until the maximum period of two weeks. In certain locations, Saturday delivery may be available at an additional cost.